WordPress Volume One

What is WordPrenticeship?

”WordPrenticeship” is a training program founded by Mr. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla in the year 2020. The word ”WordPrenticeship” is a derivative of the other two words, ‘[[WordPress]]’ and ‘[[Apprenticeship]]’. The program is aimed at training people (”WordPrentices”) Web Development tools and techniques, using the world’s most popular open-source Content Management System, WordPress. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla is the founder and CEO of Jongi Brands (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in South Africa as the Holding Company of its array of wholly-owned subsidiaries, viz (Jongi Digital, Primitia Hosting, and LoxionMart). He is one of those who strongly believe that being educated is not exclusive to the school/ling system as many people perceive it to be. School system can only be regarded as one of the (formal) methods through which learning may be acquired, as contrasted to more other (informal) methods like self-teaching. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla never attended a formal high technical school/college, yet he managed to start a Tech company with the knowledge he acquired through self-teaching. This is where the concept of Wordprenticeship is embedded. Mr. Mbodla has a vision where people of all ages, may adopt a similar mindset and start to understand that everyone has the potential to do more than they have previously imagined.

Who is the program aimed at?

Wordprenticeship program is aimed at addressing the issue of Job scarcity, particularly Youth Unemployment. As much as the program is initiated in South Africa, fellow young and old people from all over the world are free and welcome to signup to the program as and when applications are open, through virtual means.

The following is an advert previously ran by the company that owns the WordPrenticeship programme. The same is now offered for free, to members of UCUSA, and their family relatives:-

Are you a business/individual looking to own a website?
Do you have a limited budget for such a requirement?
Well, your worries are soon to be the thing of the past, with our new short course you will be able to build your own high end, robust, responsive and Search Engine Optimized website, with limited to no coding knowledge. This is offered at a reasonable and ridiculously low course fee. Kindly WhatsApp/Call 0812447004 for more information!

Welcome to the Course

Chapter 1: The Basics
1.1 What Is WordPress?
1.2 Installing WordPress Locally
1.3 Installing WordPress on a Live Server
1.4 Getting Familiar with the WordPress Dashboard

Chapter 2: Content Management
2.1 WordPress Pages vs. Posts
2.2 A Quick WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial
2.3 Uploading and Organizing Media
2.4 Managing WordPress Comments
2.5 Working with WordPress Sidebars and Widgets
2.6 Building and Maintaining Menus

Chapter 3: Customization, Plugins, and Settings
3.1 Using the WordPress Customizer
3.2 Working with Themes
3.3 Working with Plugins
3.4 Adding and Managing Users
3.5 How to Move a WordPress Site
3.6 Customizing WordPress via Settings

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