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As the founder and interim President (pending the first National Congress) of Unemployed Citizens Union of South Africa (UCUSA), I am happy to announce that UCUSA, after being approached by the relevant group, has resolved to accommodate members of the South African Reserve Police Service (SARPS) and advocate for them in their seeking relief regarding their ‘dues’ held by the South African Police Service, dating back from the year 2009. As the Union of Mission against unemployment, we strongly believe that the resolution by the SAPS Management in 2009, be implemented in order to accommodate the relevant members. Such implementation will see our members being employed permanently in terms of both the SAPS Act and the Public Service Act. That is exactly what the SAPS Management allegedly guaranteed ALL reservists in the year 2009.

UCUSA NPC, as a community stakeholder and a union of mission against unemployment and poverty, is seeking answers as to what happened thereafter, which situation saw those affected, still unemployed up to this day. We seek to engage the authorities in a bid to find answers, thereby executing our organizational rights and privileges as granted to the organization being an entity recognized by law, in line with the organization’s vision and mission.

This, in a nutshell means that members of the SARPS now do have a ‘face’ and that face is UCUSA, the union of mission against unemployment and poverty. This, after having been regarded as ‘faceless’ for all the years that they have sought relief in this regard.

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