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It all started with only one person who could not stand back and fold arms anymore, while the problem of unemployment becomes a ‘norm’, while poverty strikes our communities, while the ‘gulf’ between the have’s and have not’s becomes a reality. You may be tempted to refer to that person as a ‘Social Activist’, ‘Philanthropist’, etc, whichever way you wish to refer to him as, all the same, his deeds are for Public Benefit.

We have seen him throwing almost all his energy into trying to solve the societal ills our communities are faced with. In the past, he has also  ‘relinquished his dignity’ and started a campaign, Begging-on-behalf-of-the-poor campaign wherein he was the Beggar-in-chief. He has since created a ‘Foodbank’ and ‘Clothing Bank’ after which he would distribute to those in need, in the Nelson Mandela Bay. He did not stop there, he greatly assisted in situations of ‘destitute families’ in cases where families struggle to ‘finance’ all the logistical needs of a funeral service. 

We also have seen this man launching a Social Cohesion program under the banner of African Continentals Network (AFCONET) NPO (Non-Profit Organization), which NPO happens to also be his ‘brainchild’. He launched the program in May 2015 at Wells Estate in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape South Africa. You may browse all the work and mission of the NPO by clicking this link.

All this time this man was employed at Support Services of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and every monetary transaction ‘bundled’ in his good deeds, was as a result of extracting from their only household income that was only enough to support his family of four (4) together with his extended family, from time to time. This went on until he resigned from his job, just to have even more time to invest in his ‘MISSION-DRIVEN’ advocacy, that of working for those in need.

Now, without being informed further than this, I am sure you will be able to draw a conclusion as ” No wonder, the establishment of UCUSA (Unemployed Citizens Union of South Africa)”. Of course, UCUSA is also the brainchild of this man. Like any other human being, this man has a name and his name is none other than, Mr. Jonguxolo Wiseman Mbodla, popularly known as ‘Jongi’. He is a family man, married to his lovely wife, Mrs. Ntombekhaya Primrose (Prudence) Mbodla a.k.a ‘Ntosh’.

We are a union of mission against unemployment and poverty, the voice of the voiceless.

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