Certificates of achievement withheld

Our people are made to suffer, deliberately so.

UCUSA, the Union of Mission against unemployment and poverty, has noted with great concern, how our people are made to suffer, deliberately so, by institutions of learning that receive huge amounts of money from Government via development projects like the Skills Development Programs legislated by, amongst others, Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act. no. 97 of 1998). Learning institutions are awarded contracts for them to roll out these programs for the sole intention of developing our under-developed citizens in terms of skills, so that they can be employed and support themselves and their families. But no, those who regard themselves as being ‘well-off’, do not hesitate to destroy the future of others; they deliberately sabotage and defeat all the efforts done to fight against unemployment and poverty. 

We as the Unemployed Citizens Union of South Africa, being an entity recognized by law, and enjoying the organizational rights that come with the registration of such entities, cannot fold arms and keep quiet while people’s welfare is placed into jeopardy, by unscrupulous people who think only for themselves. 

We are determined to take up this fight and see to it that, that which is due to our people, do come their way (for example, the certificates of achievement withheld by these institutions, for reasons unknown to us). If, therefore, you are one of the victims in this regard, then let us know by joining us in our movement so we may register you as a ‘mandate-giver’. Remember, we cannot do it alone, instead we must know who we are representing and advocating for. Your being with us in this, does not end with us winning certificates, but we were established to address creation of opportunities using our unique and guaranteed strategy (more on this on UCUSA website https://ucusa.org.za). So, as a fledgling organization, we need your support in this regard. By joining our movement, you’re giving us more strength, moreover you become a stake and shareholder in our movement, thereby benefiting from our activities, including the opportunity of becoming an asset owner. For more information on this, kindly WhatsApp or Call 081 244 7004. You may also drop us an email on supportoffice@ucusa.org.za.

Remember, we are stronger together.  

By jongi

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