We are a ‘Mission-Driven’ collective  of Unemployed Citizens in South Africa.

Our mission is that of gathering citizens in order to sensitize them of the model with which to create jobs, exclusive to UCUSA.

We seek to Collect Revenue (from miniature contributions), Acquire Assets/Businesses which are means to employment, and then, Create Jobs. 

Skills Development

We invest in Human Capital, by upskilling our members through inhouse training (e.g. Web Development and related technologies training by our CEO – An Autodidact in this area of learning).

Labour Relations Advocacy

We advocate and/or consult on behalf of our members, from Job Seekers to those who are employed but face discrimination and exploitation in their respective places of work. 

An Array of free social interventions

We assist our members with social ills that they are faced with, for example, social security dues, consumer matters, legal advice (partnerships with legal entities), etc.


These are only a handful of our abundance of services


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