We are a ‘Mission-Driven’ collective  of Unemployed Citizens in South Africa

We are ‘a means to our social stability’ by way of creating ‘a means to employment’. 

Job opening negotiations

We negotiate jobs openings on behalf of our members.

Acquire Assets to create jobs

We endeavor to acquire assets (eg franchises, property, fleet, etc,)  in order to create jobs for our members.  

Discounts on consuming products

A need to consume does not stop with unemployment. We have to buy food for our families, insure ourselves, educate our children, etc. We, therefore, have to negotiate reasonable discounts on behalf of our members.

An Array of free social interventions

We assist our members with social ills that they are faced with, for example, social security dues, consumer matters, legal advice (partnerships with legal entities), etc.


These are only a handful of our abundance of services


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